Monday, August 9, 2010

NY Times DPS Financing

I was very disappointed upon reading Gretchen Morgenson's misleading article about the transaction used by Michael Bennet to finance the DPS pension fund. Ms. Morgenson should have known that this would be a hot button issue in the Democratic primary and that her source Jeane Kaplan is a supporter of Andrew Romanoff who maxed out her contributions for his campaign. She also should have mentioned that other school board members who are not Romanoff supporters have not publicly stated that they did not have all the facts. Two more relevant facts that she could have mentioned are that Andrew Romanoff sponsored the legislation that made this deal possible and that DPS board meetings have become little more Senate debates. Ms. Morgenson allowed herself to be used as a source for a negative campaign ad.  Her article was just plain lazy and some basic background research could have provided her with the facts I mentioned above.  

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