Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is there a war on terror

It is time to stop pretending that we are fighting a war against terror. We have always opposed terror and we should continue to do so. George W. Bush and his cronies told us we were fighting a war on terror. They realized that if we were fighting a war against terror, we could label someone a terrorist and violate our own laws, the laws of other countries, and International Treaties that we had signed and most people would be okay with it because we were at war.

We had interrogators in secret prisons committing war crimes. Yes waterboarding is a war crime. It became a war crime when the United States tried two japanese officers for war crimes because they engaged in water boarding. We set the legal precedent and we need to live with it. By the way the punishment was a minimum of fifteen years in a hard labor camp.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who will be Mayor

While James Majia is the only official candidate in the 2011 Denver Mayor's race the Denver Democrats have a wide field of potential candidates. When John Hickenlooper decided to run for Governor that left the race open with no candidates with a clear edge over any of the others.

State Representative Chris Romer and Former State Senator Penfield Tate are considering a run. This early in the game the potential list of candidates includes almost the entire City Council of Denver. Charlie Brown and Marcia Johnson could both mount serious challenges. More on this race as it develops.

Majia For Mayo

Longtime Denver Resident James Majia has filed papers to run for mayor of Denver in 2011. James has long worked for the City of Denver in one job or another. Most recently James has been administering funds associated with Denver's Preschool and Kindergarten initiative.