Monday, November 8, 2010

Post Election

It is time for the last phase of any election,  explanations, recriminations, and blame.  We as a nation have been too impatient with Democrats expecting two years to be enough time to fix the damage caused during the previous eight.  Moderates have provided a second chance for republicans to fix the economy.  Apparrently the slogan, this time we won't mess up resonates better than we need more time to clean up the mess the last guy gave us.  Either that or the American Public wants gridlock to maintain the status quo.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov 1 Predictions

November 1st, the first Monday of November.  GOTV will be in effect until 7:00 P.M. tomorrow when the polls close.  I will make a few predictions for the election.  First of all, the GOP takes control of the house, but not the Senate.  D-Senator Michael Bennet beats R-Ken Buck in Colorado by less than 2%.  Ken Buck might have been able to win but over the course of the campaign developed a serious case of foot in mouth disease.   Within the last two weeks of the election with early voting in progress.  Ken Buck compared homosexuality to alcoholism and stated that "global warming is a hoax."  Comments like this have forced Buck to play defense. 

Colorado's CD-3 D-John Salazar will beat Scott Tipton by 5%

CD-4 D-Betsy Markey and R-Cory Gardner are coming down to the wire.  Markey and Gardner are fighting to the end.  American Constitution AC-Doug Aden and I-K. Waszkicz could draw conservatives from Cory Gardner.  Too close to call.  A further prediction...if Betsy Markey wins so does Michael Bennet

In the Colorado Gubernatorial race D-Mayor John Hickenlooper defeats AC-Tom Tancredo and R-Dan Maes does not get 10% forceing the Republicans into minority party status.

CD-6 R-Mike Coffman represents what may be the most conservative CD in the country.  D-John Flerage's campaign did not even try to raise money.  His campaign will be a useful survey of likely Democrats when 2012 comes around.

CD-7 D-Incumbent Ed Perlmutter has had to work for it but his campaign will win by 5% minimum

State Treasurer D-Cary Kennedy has had the ability to raise massive amounts of money.  Her opponent R-W.R. Stapleton is banking on people voting for his name.  His grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Stapleton who served five terms as Denver's Mayor.  Kennedy has managed Colorado's money well and will win.

Att. General R-John Suthers will win against Boulder District Attorney D-Stan Garnett.  Garnett may have had a chance but got into the race a little too late.  Suthers by 7%

Incumbent Sec. State D-Bernie Buescher has increased transparency and increased ease of voting.  R-Scott Gessler has little record to run on. Secretary Buescher will win by 10%