Friday, August 6, 2010

A Charmed Race

Hickenlooper could not lose the race for Governor if he tried.  John Hickenlooper has had a charmed race so far.  Early in the race when Bill Ritter decided not to run.  John Hickenlooper announced his canidacy and faced no challenger for a primary.

Scott Mcinnis had his plagiarism scandal.  McCinnis accepted $300,000 to plagiarize someone's work and then blamed his 82 year old researcher.  Dan Maes accepted a $17,000 fine for campaign finance violations.  Dan Maes also has decided to expose Hickenlooper's nefarious Bicycle United Nations plot.  Also Tom Tancredo has jumped into this race for the American Constitution Party.  No word yet on whether these three candidates will vote for John Hickenlooper.  They have all been so generous thus far there is no reasone to stop when it comes to their votes.

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