Tuesday, August 24, 2010

who should pick the Senate

Ken Buck supports having the state legislature pick U.S. Senators.  Truthfully this is not a revolutionary idea.  Originally in Colorado, Senate seats were voted on by the legislature.  The legislature gave away seats to well behaved  millionaires.  This is why Horace Tabor never became a Senator.  He was rich but he stepped out publicly on his wife.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Colorado Senate Race is all about the money

Ken Buck the tea party candidate may face a severe handicap if his campaign cannot raise money all by itself.  He owes his primary victory in large part to a 527 group that ran ads on his behalf.  There does come a time when you have to do things for yourself.  Michael Bennet after his primary has approximately one and a half million dollars to spend.  Senator Bennet also has the advantage of top fundraisers Steve Farber and Norm Brrownstein working upon his behalf.  Money will flow to this Senate race on a massive scale both locally and nationally.

Primary Night

Colorado August 10th the primary is over!  In the U.S. Senate races Michael Bennet won in his race against Andrew Romannoff in the Democratic Primary.  Ken Buck beat Jane  Norton running as the underdog in the Republican Senate PrimaryIn the Governor Race, John Hickenlooper faced no primary for the Democrats.  After a near dead heat that ran well into the night, Dan Maes beat Scott McInnis in the Republican primary.


Monday, August 9, 2010

NY Times DPS Financing

I was very disappointed upon reading Gretchen Morgenson's misleading article about the transaction used by Michael Bennet to finance the DPS pension fund. Ms. Morgenson should have known that this would be a hot button issue in the Democratic primary and that her source Jeane Kaplan is a supporter of Andrew Romanoff who maxed out her contributions for his campaign. She also should have mentioned that other school board members who are not Romanoff supporters have not publicly stated that they did not have all the facts. Two more relevant facts that she could have mentioned are that Andrew Romanoff sponsored the legislation that made this deal possible and that DPS board meetings have become little more Senate debates. Ms. Morgenson allowed herself to be used as a source for a negative campaign ad.  Her article was just plain lazy and some basic background research could have provided her with the facts I mentioned above.  

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Charmed Race

Hickenlooper could not lose the race for Governor if he tried.  John Hickenlooper has had a charmed race so far.  Early in the race when Bill Ritter decided not to run.  John Hickenlooper announced his canidacy and faced no challenger for a primary.

Scott Mcinnis had his plagiarism scandal.  McCinnis accepted $300,000 to plagiarize someone's work and then blamed his 82 year old researcher.  Dan Maes accepted a $17,000 fine for campaign finance violations.  Dan Maes also has decided to expose Hickenlooper's nefarious Bicycle United Nations plot.  Also Tom Tancredo has jumped into this race for the American Constitution Party.  No word yet on whether these three candidates will vote for John Hickenlooper.  They have all been so generous thus far there is no reasone to stop when it comes to their votes.

The Bicycle Conspiracy

Dan Maes has uncovered a United Nations plot. Apparrently Mayor Hickenlooper's B-Cycle bike sharing program is a plot by the UN to deny us our rights, and take away our cars. Another aspect of this conspiracy is encouraging businesses to have showers at work so that employees can take showers after cycling to work. Dan Maes said there is a lot more of this conspiracy to be uncovered. Does anyone else sense a spy thriller here?

Some possible titles might be A Spy on Two Wheels, Final Flight for Cervelo, or perhaps Specialized Man.