Sunday, May 9, 2010

We really can stop the oil!

BP thinks they have a new idea to stop the oil leak. Apparrently they may be able to stop it up with either rubber or cement. This idea has two possible outcomes. It could be successful, or it could cause a complete blowout as opposed to the leak we have now. I don't know how desperate you have to be to consider a fix that may prove so disastrous, but so far that have tried their robot submersibles, their dome got clogged with natural gas crystals. Meanwhile Louisiana is talking about dredging the Mississippi to build barrier islands, as if dredging will have no negative impacts on the river.
Fishing, shrimping, and oyster collection is probably dead for at least two years. Honestly, the Gulf Coast is just lucky it does not get a Hurricane while the oil slick continues to grow. Maybe we should all buy stock in dawn hand soap. They will be selling a lot of product to wash the oil from the wildlife down on the coast.

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