Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does Doug Bruce hold himself above the law?

Douglas Bruce famous for being the author of TABOR (Taxpayers Bill Of Rights) has been subpoened to testify in a campaign finance case. He may have been involved in authoring, consulting and financing three issues that could appear on this years ballot. They are Proposition 101, and Ammendments 60 and 61. Proposition 101 would eliminate taxes on rental cars and car leases, limits title charges to $10 per year and sets the state tax rate at 4.5%. Ammendment 60 would cut mill levies. Ammendment 61 would require voter approval to borrow and require repayment within 10 years. Doug Bruce would swear that he has nothing to do with any of these if he bothered to respond to one of the 29 subpoenas compelling him to testify. No word yet on whether he will be cited with contempt of court charges.

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