Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tancredo For Governor

Tom Tancredo issued an ultimatum last week. Scott McCinnis and Dan Maes must announce that they will drop out of the race if they are polling behind John Hickenlooper after the primary August 10th or Tancredo will run for governor as the candidate for the American Constitution Party.

Can the Democrats be that lucky? Tancredo will split the party base, but moderate Republicans and the Independents would sooner vote for John Hickenlooper than for Tom Tancredo. In Colorado Independents are the keys to the kingdom in a statewide race.

Scott McCinnis will have to drop out at some point and maybe Dan Maes as well. When the Republican votes are counted August 11th a vacancy committee must be convened to pick a replacement candidate. No word yet on this will be.

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