Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GOP presidential race 2012

      Recognizing how early it is I am willing to make two predictions about the Republican race right now.  The first is that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama.  The second is that in spite of his name recognition and well financed campaign he is the least likely to be nominated.  The problem he faces is that the tea party voters have a strong influence in the nominating process.

Mitt Romney was responsible for bringing a government based health care system to Massachusetts.  The second problem he faces is that he is a fiscally responsible conservative.  He recognizes that sometimes raising taxes is a good idea, and that tax cuts for the rich does not fix our economy.  The last reason he will not be nominated is that social conservatives simply will not vote a mormon.  That means that he loses six or seven southern states.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moderate leadership in Colorado

      Republican leaders in Colorado, Speaker of the House Amy Stephens and Senate Minority Leader Frank McNulty are being criticized by members of their own party.  The usual  label RINO has been pulled out.  Republican In Name Only.  Maybe the two are not as conservative as people thought.  Maybe they recognize that Democrats have a governor and a chamber. 
      Republicans can tack hard right and score points with their voters.  They would achhieve gridlock and not much else.   The other approach is to take a moderate approach and actually govern. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Review

For those  who like to follow Colorado politics, I would reccomendd a book called The Blueprint by Adam Scraeger and Rob Witwer.  The book lays out in detail how the Democratic party took control of Colorado politics between 1998-2008 through the development of independent groups. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

State Troopers in action?

Hey the Remembe Governor Walker issued arrest warrants for the Democrats of the Wisconsin house for leaving the state and preventing a quorum.  Basicly they all took some time off for a while. I know he is on the verge of issuing arrest warrants for himself and anybody else who just participated in this farce violating the open meeting laws in order to pass an anti union bill.  Perhaps members of the police union shouold issue official warnings stating that future violations will result in arrest.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recruiting Nascar Style

       Yes we are payinng millions of dollars to recruit rednecks to our military.  We are targeting them with what they hold most dear NASCAR.  The approximate sponsorship totals are $20 million dollars to Dale Earnhardt Jr. from the National Gaurd.  The U.S. Army pays $7.4 million to Ryan Newman, while the Air Force sponsors A.J. Allmendinger with $1.6 million.  I guess the Air Force undervalues vehicles that don't fly.

       The House of Representatives has voted to renew these sponsorship contracts.  Approximately $28 million worth of military recruiting is spent so white people can watch cars drive around the track.  If we want our armed forces to be more diverse we should keep recruiting away from NASCAR.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Protest Then and now

In 1967 70,000 came, a giant rally was held at at the Lincoln Memorial.  Some 50,000 of them went to the Pentagon, a few hundred tried to rush the stairs and the rest remained outside chanting in order to levitate the Pentagon.  The idea being when it levitated and turned oarnge the evil within would be gone.  The link below has further details.  Flowers were placed in the gun barrels of capital police.  Apparently there were arrests for picking flowers in a public park.

Recently a gasline at the home of a congressman's brother was cut when the health care bill was up for debate.  A number of other death threats were made as well.  Over the last few years people began showing up with guns at rallies.  Congressman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot along with several of her constituents. 

This was an event that was both unthinkable and predictable.  Rhetoric on Left and Right has moved towards encouraging violence.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lame Duck Session 2010, Flying Straight

I have followed politics for quite some time and as lame duck congresses go, this one stepped up and got things done like few before.  Among its accomplishments a nuclear non-proliferation treaty.  A 911 health fund law.  Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed.  a food safety bill got passed.  Finally a temporary economic fix to renew tax breaks and unemployment benefits.